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Vouchers for Magikal Readings ONLY.
To redeem your voucher for your reading we will need your voucher code printed on your voucher, please fill in the form below with the following details. For all astrology readings we will need date of birth, place and approximate time of birth. You may attach a copy of your voucher if you would like to.

Redeem your Magikal Voucher

IMPORTANT please add the names, dates of birth, places of birth, and times of birth for ALL people who are receiving the reading in the message box, if it is only you or a child then it will be just your details, if it is for a relationship reading then there will be 2 sets of information required.

Wowcher CODE
(take care to enter the right code !) see image below

Attach file (optional)

On receipt of your voucher code, you will receive your report/reading in about 5 working days.