Crystal Children Foundation Level Diploma Course

Step into the Magical World of the Crystal Children and the New Golden Age of Aquarius to support you in your role as a parent, carer, educator, medical professional.

What Will I Learn

Join this Unique Course for an Inside Knowledge into the Crystal Children and their Role for the Future of Humanity. Learn How You Can Apply this Knowledge in ANY Environment, either as a Parent, a Carer, an Educator, a Medical Practitioner and as a Crystal Child. Meet The Crystal Children And Discover Their Unique Perspective, Wisdom, Gifts And Talents

  • Discover mankind’s spiritual history from the time of Atlantis to date.
  • Learn about the different types of Crystal Children and their unique gifts and talents.
  • Found out what is meant by the Psyche
  • Recognize the 4 main ‘clair’ gifts of the Psyche.
  • Learn how to work with and how to support the Crystal Children in any setting, home, school, etc
  • Meet the Crystal Children
  • Find out the benefits of Crystals and how you can use them to support you and the Crystal Children.
  • Learn energy clearing for all environments.
  • Discover tips from the Crystal Children themselves on how you as adults can best support them in their lives.


  • 35 Course Units & Videos
  • Supplementary Resources
  • Online Study
  • 24/7 Tutor Support
  • Certified Diploma Course
  • Eligibility for Professional Insurance Discounts
  • 1 Year Free Membership with the Association of International Therapists

What You Will Get From This Course

With an open mindset, understanding and application of the teachings in this course you will instantly begin a more open, intuitive relationship with the Crystal Children that you encounter in any environment.

You will be able to apply this knowledge to have more effective relationships with these Crystal Children as you will have an insight into what makes them tick.

As an educator/parent you will find it easier to gear your style of teaching/parenting to the particular needs of these Crystal Children.
You may well find it changes you as a person forever as you become more connected to the heart-based consciousness of these amazing children.

Overview of Course Topic

As parents and spiritual teachers ourselves, we have noticed more and more people ‘waking up’, there has been a huge shift in humanity and an interest in New Age modalities. The course has been designed to address this from a parental aspect as traditionally children who talked about their ‘special invisible friends’ were termed as being ‘imaginative’. But the numbers of children now displaying psychic gifts and talents has meant they can not all be ignored or labelled as anything. We were utterly devastated to see a young psychically open child who lived between two worlds all the time and still does, who was taken to the doctor and was prescribed medication for a psychological disorder. The medication didn’t work so they increased the dose to five times the amount an adult would have and guess what, she could still see and talk to the other realms she interacted with, even more so because her physical senses were so dumbed down in this world. These parents were in fear and desperation because they didn’t understand what was happening. This course is for that little Crystal Child and for those parents so that that kind of thing never happens again.

What Am I Going To Get From This Course?

  • Over 35 lectures and 3 hours of content
  • Great insights into the minds of the Crystal Children
  • Working knowledge of the Crystal Children that you can use in an educational, home, medical, external environment.
  • A thorough knowledge of the Psyche that you can use yourself in all aspects of life.
  • The knowledge that by caring and taking an interest in the Crystal Children, that you have become part of a group of amazing people who are holding a place for these children on this planet, and for that we honour you.

Course Syllabus

Module 1 Introduction to the Crystal Children course

Unit 1 Intro

Unit 2 What will you get personally from this and spiritual initiation.

Module 2 Who are the Crystal Children and why they are here

Unit 1 Introduction

Unit 2 Attunement Meditation to the Crystal Children, Gaia and the Crystal Grid of the Earth

Unit 3 Atlantis

Unit 4 The Fall of Atlantis and the shift into the New Golden Age

Unit 5 The 5th Dimension

Unit 6 The Light Body and Light Body Symptoms

Unit 7  The Elohim

Unit 8 Conclusion

Unit 9 Module Assessment

Module 3 The Types of Crystal Children

Unit 1 Introduction

Unit 2 Star Children

Unit 3 Indigo Children

Unit 4 Crystal Children

Unit 5 Meet some of the Crystal Children

Unit 6 Conclusion

Unit 7 Module Assessment

Module 4 Psychic Gifts & Talents of the Crystal Children and You !

Unit 1 Intro

Unit 2 The Psyche – a general overview

Unit 3 Clairvoyance

Unit 4 What it is like in Heaven – from a Crystal Child

Unit 5 Clairsentience

Unit 6 Meet Alexandra Gabriel as she talks about past lives and clairsentience

Unit 7 Clairaudience

Unit 8 Claircognisance

Unit 9 Super Psychic Chinese Children

Unit 10 The Boy who can see in the dark.

Unit 11 Conclusion

Unit 12 Module assessment

Module 5 How to Support the Crystal Children at Home and Work

Unit 1 Introduction

Unit 2 Energy Clearing for your Home and Workspace

Unit 3 Crystals

Unit 4 8 year old Crystal Child talks to the Crystals

Unit 5 Some best practise advice for you as a parent/carer

Unit 6 Meet Will a Crystal Child who has parenting advice from his own experiences.

Unit 7 Conclusion

Unit 8 Module Assessment

Module 6 Where too next

Unit 1 How to claim your therapist insurance discount

Unit 2 How to register for your 1 years free membership with the Association of International Therapists

Unit 3 Further training options and learn how to run healings.

Who would benefit from this course?

This Crystal Children course is for adults who have an interest in children and spirituality, it is also designed for older Crystal Children themselves aged 12+ to help them understand themselves.

This course is not for skeptics because it is really real and these children need our love and support.

This course is also designed for teachers in the educational sector to help them get an understanding of the evolving Crystal Children with their different personality attributes.

The medical profession with its quick prescription of medications for ‘behavioral problems’ would really benefit from this course as it provides alternative ways of viewing/diagnosing children.

This course would benefit anyone who has an interest in developing their spiritual gifts and talents and using them in a new life changing direction.