Individual Healings for Adults and Children

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Experience an 8th dimensional frequency healing of love and light to bring you back into emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.  In your healing we become an energetic channel for the purest angelic healing frequencies to work with you on many levels supported by the golden angelic ray of healing.  The energies, procedures and beings that come through to support you are designated by your higher self and for your highest good.


Healings for adults and children are carried our personal healing sancturies and can either be done in person or by distance. During the healing we will perform an Advanced Golden Angelic Healing on you, you will feel a great sense of peace and may even fall asleep as very often the physical body goes into rest mode so that it can absorb the frequencies that are being channeled in your energy field. If your healing is by distance you would be best to go into stillness with a lit candle so you can be at your most receptive during the healing, the same stillness is also acheived when you are asleep.

After the healing we will talk through what came up during the healing in the form of a channelled reading and spiritual counselling to support you to move forward in your life.  For those by distance you will receive an mp3 recording and there is also the option of a Skype consultation.


It is our absolute honour to be of service to mankind.

With love and blessings

Alexandra Gabriel

Cost $120 – allow 1 1/2 – 2 hours for your appointment.

Appointments are available 7 days a week, payment may be made via paypal. Please contact me to book