Elven Star Crystal Grid

Elven Star Crystal Grid


(note does not include crystals)



This is a Faery Star Crystal Grid / Seven Pointed Septagram Crystal Grid made out of Birch wood. These are 6 in diameter and 1/4″ thick. This is just for the grid, you will need to purchase your own crystals.

The seven-pointed star (or, alternately, septagram or heptagram) has accumulated many levels of meaning over the centuries. One of the oldest recorded meanings given to this star may be found within Kabbalistic tradition, where it represents the sphere of Venus and the power of love.

The Faery Star. … Also known as a Fairy Star or Elven Star, it is most often used to represent the world(s) of Faery. It can be displayed as a protective shield, a focal point for meditation, or a symbol of the Shining Realms.