Voices of the Goddess

Voices of the Goddess



Voices of the Goddess holds the sacred tones of 7 Divine Goddess frequencies in sound. This channelled music was brought through to deeply connect you to the essence of the Divine Feminine in sound. May it awaken, inspire and hold you in unconditional love.

Each track on this album is an element of the many exquisite facets of the Goddess in sound. The vision was to give voice to different aspects of the Goddess by working with Deities from many diverse cultures, allowing each voice to sing as its own.

Their message is to bring light to the importance of our uniqueness, and to unify us in the knowing that wherever we come from and whoever we are, we are all linked through the same seed of creation.

We are all a voice of the Goddess.

Voices of the Goddess
1) Song of the Magdalene (Mary Magdalene)
2) Invocation to the Mother (Mother Mary)
3) Heart of Quan Yin (Quan Yin)
4) Athena’s Chant (Goddess Athena)
5) Path of Christ (Lady Nada)
6) The Temple of Isis (Goddess Isis)
7) Holy Seed of Creation (Ain Soph)

About the Artist

Alexandra Gabriel

‘Music to touch the heart, still the mind and heal the soul’

The music I write is channelled from many different realms and guides, I receive the sound interdimensionaly on a vibrational level and then go through a purification process to birth it in physical sound. It is all written and recorded in a sacred, templated space. This allows the listener to absorb the frequency from different states of consciousness- supporting a deeper surrender in the heart and emotional body.

Some use my music to help with the opening of their heart whereas others find it is deeply relaxing and helps to suspend them in the light. I have found that my music creates a deep state of purification and a shift within the body/mind that can result in a release of emotion that has been suppressed over time, helping you to feel again. Music continues to be a home, a place of solace and a transformational world for me and it is an honour to share these gifts with you and humanity through sacred sound.