Child Star Astrological Birth chart, Character & Destiny Report

Wouldn't it be nice if at every new birth the parents were given a manual on exactly how to raise their new child to be a healthy, happy, fulfilled human being?
Buy this comprehensive Child Star Astrological Birth chart, Character and Destiny report; you will receive a 31 page beautiful personalised report in the form of a pdf document that you can print and bind to create a wonderful gift for yourself or another.

Wouldn't it be nice if at every new birth the parents were given a manual on exactly how to raise their new child to be a healthy, happy, fulfilled human being?

Your Child*Star report may not produce a manual, but it is certainly the next best thing. This report gives you a unique perspective that can help a parent/carer instantly recognise and attune to a child’s strengths, aptitudes, potential and even recognises challenges the child and parent may face as they grow and develop. It provides suggestions on how to recognise and redirect potentially negative tendencies, often showing how to turn them to the child’s advantage. These clues are essential keys to guiding parents and caregivers in providing the right environment, stimulation and corrective measures to help a child realize their full potential — physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Throughout each Child*Star report it will also explore the special individual relationships that evolve between the child and mother and the child and father. This information can help each parent fulfill their essential role in their child’s healthy emotional development. This is insight that can enhance a sense of bonding with each parent that will be important to a child throughout their lives.

Giving our children every opportunity to realize their full potential is the goal of any good parent, or anyone with the responsibility for a child’s well being. Exactly what we should do to nurture each child properly and provide the stimulus that will help them to achieve their maximum potential will vary from child to child. Every child and every parent should have the advantage of a Child*Star report.

Your astrology chart reveals the inner essence of your child, their destiny and their highest potential. An astrology reading will give you information to help navigate their life.

Welcome to the mystical world of astrology where the interpretation of the planets, signs, aspects and transits to your astrology chart uncovers meanings revealed for your childs life. Their chart is a cosmic Xray of secrets hidden within. Astrology can awaken you to your souls purpose and calling.

Having an astrology consultation is like looking into an xray of your childs life path and all that is possible.

The messages from the universe help guide you to reach and accomplish what you are meant to do in this life. Astrology is an amazing tool for spiritual evolution. An astrology consultation can be the beginning of healing old wounds. Arming yourself with a full astrology interpretation of your chart and taking that knowledge on your spiritual journey can support you in your transformation.

  1. Reaffirms your dreams and what you know you were meant to do in this life.
    Many times we get off our path but the inner heart knows something is missing- do not let the outer world and what others or society tells you what is best for you- you know the answer and your chart will help you identify your talents and path if you feel it has been obscured.
  2. Within your astrological chart there are karmic patterns that hold us up or block our path. When you understand these planetary configurations you will see why you have not succeeded as much as you have tried over and over again to achieve your dreams and you will now know how to overcome these karmic patterns.
  3. Understand what obstacles you will face in life, the problems that you come across and will give you the skill and tools to overcome difficult people and problems.
  4. Astrology has endured for centuries, in depth true astrology is a hidden and secret system that is not understood and dismissed by the general public. As a seeker of truth willing to discover your personal journey understanding the truth about astrology will give you support and keys to your future that will help you know what to expect.

Whether it is your first time having your chart read or if you have had many consultations from other astrologers in the past, you will receive valuable accurate insight on what is going on for you at this point in your life and what you can do in order to best utilize the energy of the transits, or planets around you to help you create the life that you want. An astrology reading covers many areas of life. Are you looking to change your career? Is your job not satisfactory? Astrology tells you the timing when your work is about to change and when you will have the best opportunity to get a new job

Money and financial abundance is represented in the chart from what is called the second house. (There are 12 houses in the chart each representing different aspects of life.) Finances can at times be an issue in life and that too is represented by the transits to the planet that rules your money house, or planets such as Saturn or Jupiter traveling through the house of money.

Career, Finances, Education, children, health, partners, marriage, psychic intuition, passion, purpose, travel, career, friendships, and spiritual path and growth are all part of the wheel of life as seen through the houses in your astrology, which in essence is an enigmatic treasure map given by the universe to help you in life.

What specifics will the reading cover?

An introduction to astrology

Your child’s rising sign

Your child’s chart data

Planetary Aspects

  • The Lights: The sun and moon
    • The Sun: Your self and future
    • The Moon: The support system
  • The Inner Planets: Mercury and Venus
    • Mercury: The mind and communication
    • Venus: Values and discrimination
  • The External Planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
    • Mars: Drive and emotions
    • Jupiter: Career and life path
    • Saturn: Responsibilities
  • The Outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
    • Uranus: Break-throughs and insights
    • Neptune: Ideals and imagination
    • Pluto: Inner change and growth

Challenges and Abilities

  • Focus
  • Challenge
  • Talents and abilities

Landscape: Major Life Periods

  • Your child’s personal background and childhood going forward 30 years
  • Your child’s current situation

The Elements, Modalities and Angularity

  • Your Child’s Burn Rate

Patterns: Your Child’s Inner and Outer Self

  • Your child’s soul type
  • The key to your child’s personality
  • The child’s HOT SPOT

Interface: Innermost Qualities

  • Major Transits Happening Now
  • House Activity and Emphasis
  • First House, Appearance and Approach
  • Second House, Possessions, Reactions
  • Third House, Inquiries, Communications
  • Fourth House, Home, Family, Security
  • Fifth House, Expression, Creativity
  • Sixth House, Responsibility, Work, Health
  • Seventh House, Relationships, Other People
  • Eighth House, Business Savvy, Eliminations
  • Ninth House, Religions, Philosophy, Ideas
  • Tenth House, Practical Vision, Vocation
  • Eleventh House, Dreams and Visions, Community
  • Twelfth House, Sacrifice, Psychology, Acceptance

To complete this reading I will need your childs date of birth, place of birth and approximate time of birth, daytime or night time is enough if you cant remember !

What a birth-day gift for everyone involved.

Download a sample report

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